miracleMiracles have no level of difficulty, and they are all the same. The level that we experience now comes from the mind and our belief system.

What is miracle?

Miracle is the freedom to form what we call reality, the freedom to change, adjust or play with it. It’s the quantum reality.

Material reality is just a bunch of potentialities and not a solid construction, as it seems to be. The reason that it seems to be hard and solid is because we all have in mind this form of things in a tradition of thousands of years. If each one of us manages to release this strict form of things in his/her mind, things would immediately be different.

Also the collective belief system, which seems to be powerful in the level of form, can create patterns and shapes that seem to be very solid and unchangeable. They are not!

The fact is, and this we have seen a lot of times, that reality is not actually solid. A decision, a change in the way we see things, a shift of perception, a thought or a feeling can change the whole pattern. It can change the events happening in this reality.

So if you want to perform miracles in order to control the world you’re in the wrong place. Miracle is something you can be, not something you can force happening.

which witchThe witch hunting is officially over and most people know that. Of course there are still some, who try to “clean up” the world from whatever is different, or, should I say, from what they don’t understand or like, but I think that these people are getting less and less dangerous.

The past decades witch hunting was quite common. Everyone who was thinking differently, everyone who had different ideas about the world, family, religion, the way of thinking and expressing, had to be burned. Metaphorically or literally; often both ways.

Sensitive people by nature have a different way of thinking and expressing themselves. When I talk about sensitivity I mean the delicate and precise way they feel and understand the world, just like a super sensitive instrument. People who have this ability cannot think conventionally unless they have been abused as children because they were different, something that happened a lot in the past.

Today, although there are some people who are afraid of the different and the independent, you can freely express yourself. The worst thing that can happen to you is that someone may tell you that your ideas destroy the society.

But why does this judgment or a verbal attack bother you and make you go back into your shell?

Expecting everyone to accept you is utopia. Even if you are the most pleasant person in the world some people will not like you or be against you.

Is it possible that you have the enemy installed inside you?

The easy solution is to search whose fault is it that you are afraid and close yourself up: the past, the way you grew up, the school… Even if you’re right, even if it is like this don’t fall into the trap of recycling guilt.

Now you are here, a witch or a wizard, in a time when Harry Potter is a star. It is the perfect moment to deal with fears and negativity of the past, when you were not allowed to exist your way.

Stop searching for someone to accuse so you can stop passing the problem to the next generation (if you are a parent). Observe yourself to see what bothers you and face it as equal. Deal with it, let it go and get out in the world to share with us your wonderful ideas.

If you have difficulties in this process and in believing that your ideas are wonderful and that you worth much more than you were told, let’s discuss it.



Many self-growth techniques, and especially the Sedona Method, ask clients to let go of wanting to achieve goals or wanting to succeed. Of course if you are not familiar with self-growth this request can give you great confusion.


Letting go and giving up are two completely different things.

Giving up means that you really want something and you kill this desire. The usual reason for this is disappointment or negativity. If you have a dream and everyone around you tells you that it is either silly or impossible, even if you don’t believe them, your subconscious mind will sabotage your dream, if you don’t give it up completely.


If you give up all the time, the reason is low self-esteem that comes from constant negativity and abuse (usually verbal).


So, giving up is quitting, hiding from reality, escaping from something good, falling to the comfort of pain and fear, (yes there is such thing).

Letting go on the other hand has nothing to do with the goal itself. You don’t have to quit going for it, you don’t have to abandon your desires.

Often when you want something you enter a debate between thoughts emotions and beliefs. The emotion of desire about this goal fights with the thought that it is difficult and the belief that maybe you don’t deserve to achieve this goal. The result is that something that could start as a wonderful motivation to make your life, your business or even the whole world better, becomes trouble and inner battle producing more unpleasant emotions and more fights between wants and beliefs.

Letting go means disidentify from the need of your goal. Letting go means releasing the goal from all the weight that it doesn’t belong to it, releasing the meaning that this goal has for your life or for the continuity of the universe ;-).

Letting go of the outcome gives you the right to achieve the goal without feeling guilty if it doesn’t happen.

Letting go is inner process that makes your steps lighter and your action easier. It dedramatises the goal and the actions towards it.

Can you imagine living, acting and succeeding painlessly and effortlessly?



Some professionals promise great changes in your life and after failure they blame you because you didn’t follow the instructions properly.


Maybe they are right but this is only part of the truth.

If they promise the easy solution, the one that you don’t have to move your finger and everything will change miraculously, well they just lie.


If you are in trouble you will keep being busy taking care of your trouble. Haven't you seen people in depression being tired all day although often they seem to do nothing at all? They just get exhausted with the activity of the mind.


So if they promise you great outcomes without inner change just dont buy.

Inner work is the most important, and here you have to work!

It’s not hard work; actually it is lighter than having your mind running automatically and taking care of troubles.

Our mind is often loaded with useless programs and beliefs, most of them coming from our childhood. So every time we try to achieve some goal these scripts just lead us to sabotage our success.

Trying to achieve goals, to create something or to be successful takes a lot of energy and gives very poor results. If you get rid of all these patterns some results are coming automatically, some others are not important.

After all none of these programs is yours, you just “wear” them in order to fit in. This is what you were taught.

Ask for help, it’s getting much easier to let go of all these if you have a “mirror”, someone to give you feedback and lead you to your success, and, most important, to help you live your own life, effortlessly and guilt free.



For many people life is a burden, a big effort, every day and every moment they have to prove their value, well not just their value, rather their right to exist.

It is not so much the experience and the knowledge from living that lead them to this situation. It’s rather an unconscious way of acting that comes from what they have been told during childhood.


Let’s face it, very few people respect children. Very few people take children seriously. And this is a recycling attitude, most people think that they need to make this effort for survival, for approval, for proving their value, and they get angry with the children who don’t actually think that they need to do the same.

Do you see here a self-preserving system of behavior? The people who need approval most, are exactly the people who hold the approval from the next generation.

Now we have two choices.

The first is to start fighting everyone who caused the problem, staying forever in a battle situation, bad mood, and of course no results.

The second choice is to take care of the solution. The solution we have inside us, and it seems to be obscured by the “problem” like the sun is hiding behind the clouds.

We have three tools for this and it is very easy to use them.

First tool. Reflect:

Every moment we can just see our attitude and our behavior towards the others, and especially the so-called weak ones (children, women, sensitive or shy people), immediately stop and reflect. Not “why did I do that”, this is a way of thinking that leads you back to the problem. Just observe yourself and stop the reproduction of the attitude there. Be the wall that stops the problem. Practice every day in every possible opportunity.

Second tool. Forgive:

Yes you are right; some people were mean to you, maybe even abusive. In your family, your school, your job, everywhere. With the first tool you found the way to stop this problem, now you need to undo it from your history. Not by punishing all these people but by forgiving them, as like it never happened. And if they didn’t change, if they go on, you don’t need to go and fight them in order to prove right, if you can avoid them just do it, if not keep forgiving every moment.

Third tool. Accept:

Maybe it’s more challenging than the other two, but it’s just a decision for every moment. Accept everyone exactly as they are! By judging, by trying to change people, by lecturing, you don’t solve any problem, you just try to control. By not accepting, again you reproduce the same pattern. Remember, someone didn’t accept you! You don’t need to agree with everybody, just let them be. This also needs practice, but with practice you can get perfect.

Now that you studied the three tools, what you need is just forget them and go on living. Don’t push yourself, don’t fight against your past. Be good to yourself. Just use these tools every time you can, and if you don’t manage don’t be angry with yourself, do it again next time.

See it as a game. This is the best way to get out of living life as a burden or an obligation.

One day on the way back from visiting some friends out of town, I turned on my favorite radio station. Like every Sunday it was playing a play list; nobody was talking.

After a while I noticed that although I was listening to music I really love and that usually stirs up emotions, this time I felt nothing. It was ok but nothing more. I was wondering why did I lose the connection with these songs, why did I feel like what I heard was not special. I also noticed that driving made me tired, I was not enjoying it. I had to make an effort, which was really strange because usually driving is a great joy for me and never makes me tired.

Next day when I thought of this incident again I tried to figure out why I had this experience. And I did!

I don't drink coffee usually but this time I made an exception. I had a few espressos because my friends wanted to show me their new espresso machine. Studying how the brain of sensitive people functions differently, I discovered that the effect of much coffee is to bring it to a high beta brainwave pattern, which is unnatural for sensitives. It disconnects them from emotions, inspiration and intuition and often leads to stress.

The reason this day was a revelation for me is because I realized how stressful it is to be out of your natural condition. I hear many sensitive people complain that life is a big effort. They have to struggle for every movement. They may need pills to keep attention in one place and again, at the end of the day they have no energy. They also complain about annoying feelings and emotions.

If sensitive people try to fit in, they can be in trouble, because they try to go against their nature, which is to be led by intuition and inner guidance and live effortlessly. We struggle when we don't go with the flow. This is often misunderstood. Going with the flow doesn't mean surrender to the way of society but to your own natural way. If your body, your mind and your nervous system have a different rhythm, you need to follow it and not try to change it.  

Sensitive people who struggle for survival are the ones who usually think they need to prove something to the world, including themselves. They want to prove that they have value, prove that they are able to succeed, prove that they have the right to exist.

Why do sensitive people feel the need to prove anything? Sensitive people have a different way of thinking, that is more creative, extraordinary, unusual; many times they are not understood. For that reason, as children, they are not 100% accepted. But as sensitive children they are at the same time very much affected by everything they hear (like "you are too sensitive17" or "stop talking nonsense"). The moment I found out about my sensitivity I projected back to my childhood, when I often struggled with life trying to prove my value, something that I do less and less now that I'm aware of it.

To return to my initial story, when I'm driving I can really be calm and relaxed, in an almost meditative state without falling asleep, even if everyone else does. Sometimes I think that I really enjoy driving so much because I learned how to drive after I left my parent's house. This activity is not connected with the criticism that I received during my childhood (actually neither of my parents were driving a car). This time after the coffee I had to take care of all my movements, it was almost like hearing my brain giving orders to my muscles.

I brought your attention to just one incident, but the life of a sensitive person is full of this kind of events. Therefore, in order to live a really worthy life sensitives need to do two things. First of all discover what does "worthy life" mean for them, because it has a different meaning for every person, and second release every "must" and "have to", every obligation and every need that stands between real freedom to enjoy life and themselves. The message for every sensitive person is: Stop thinking small, Stop trying to survive,

Come out and live, It's really much easier than trying to fit in! The only difficult part is to get out of your "comfort". You need to put your ego aside and ask for help. The reward will be a life full of joy, a life that is really yours.



What makes people to be effective or ineffective is the way they manage time, resources, and energy according to their importance. Most of the people divide them into Urgent and Important. I think that a lot of time flies away on Comfortable activities.

Let's first talk about the ones we are used to discussing. The important activities are the ones that directly or indirectly have an outcome for you and your business, a goal achievement, a strategic plan, even a few days of rest to gain new energy.

The urgent activities are the ones that need immediate attention. To pay a bill, to help someone in your family who has health problems, to put some order in your computer, your desk, your office. The trouble with all those urgent activities is that when the day is gone you don't feel that something really useful has happened. On the other hand if you take a few minutes to write an inspired article, a whole day or a few days to work on a business plan, a strategy, making your website more effective or on rebuilding your relationship with your life partner, you might feel that there are still so many urgent things to be taken care of.

Here you have three options.

1) You quit the important and keep doing urgent activities, leaving your business or your personal relationships to rot.

2) You want to stay to the important but you delay it with starting doing comfortable activities, like checking your emails again and again, looking at Xing and Facebook if something new happened, starting a small talk with the employees or the clients. Time passes and you have the excuse "there is not enough time for this important activity today, I will do it tomorrow".

3) You stick to your decision, turn off your mobile phone and share a wonderful time with your life partner or your business future.

Staying with the important implies a secret guilt. The way we were raised and our schools taught us is that we have to take care of the urgent. This is not just a coincidence; it's not that our teachers, our parents or the priests know only the urgent as important. IT IS DESIGNED THIS WAY. The education system has this purpose.

Pushing information in our brain and not giving time for developing a mind with common sense, free thinking and strategic planning for life and business. It is on purpose. Our decision, even if we left school many years ago, is to change this, reflect and let go of this guilt. It's not a natural feeling, it's put there artificially and the only use it has is not for our good. Is for someone else's good.

So it's very important to change this limiting way of thinking. We have to learn to stay to the important even if the world is burning around us. It is our purpose and the reason we are here. And if this guilt insists just ask for help. A coach or a master mind group are your best friends because they will support you to let go of this guilt by reminding you your value and your life purpose all the time, while other people we consider as friends will push us to the comfortable activities. (Let's go for a beer and talk about it). Just ask for support.


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