Dear sensitive,

phone1I'm sure you have noticed that often your thoughts and your ideas sound strange to the surrounding people. Your parents, your partner, your friends or your boss/employees have no idea what are you talking about, your great inspiration sounds like gibberish and your enthusiasm goes down the drain. Again and again.

But the fact that others don't understand your ideas doesn't mean that your ideas are rubbish, it means only what it looks like, people just don't understand your ideas.

The big question is where these ideas and inspirations are coming from?
Well it's the collective knowledge and wisdom, facts, ideas and insights from everyone, everywhere and every-when. And the reason that they come as random ideas and as flashes in your mind is because that's they way they suppose to come. If they come as words or voices they will be confused with the logical thoughts, or you will have to see a doctor.

Why do others think that your ideas are nonsense? Simply because they learned to ignore what they cannot explain. And it's not only the others, often yourself doubt and try to forget what you just thought.

What is the truth then about the value of your ideas and your inspiration and what does it mean to you and others around you?

As HSP you have direct connection to intuition and inspiration, Not that others don't have but you are more open and rather more "vulnerable" to them.

So before trying to convince everyone around about your wonderful ideas, first you have to convince yourself and before that you have to be sure that your ideas and thoughts are genuine.

How to be sure about that?

1. A real genuine inspiration is giving you only good and pleasant feelings. If with it come fears and worries then it's not real. Of course, you can have fears and worries afterwords when you realize that you have to get out of your comfort zone to make it true, but this is another story.

2. It must be original, if it's feels like wishful thinking or a result of your desires, then it's probably something made up from your mind to please you.

3. It came to you suddenly and probably after a relaxing time, sleep, meditation, sitting in a train or bus, making love (making love brings the brain to low brainwave frequencies and thus making the connection easier) and it's not a result of logical calculations.

4. If you ignore it for a while it comes back to you. The real inspirations are persistent and not forgotten when something takes your attention away.

5. It's followed by a whole sequence of thoughts and ideas for how can you bring it to reality, often with many details.

Now if you are sure that your thought and idea is real you can go out and share it, but very carefully.
-Check who is open-minded enough for accepting it. Prefer people who can listen to you even if they don't understand what you say.
-Check if it's the right moment for sharing it. A moment of stress or tension is not good.
-If you feel negativity around you, disguise it as something more acceptable. For example talk about the final result and pretend that you are trying to find ways to go there.
-Avoid the people who repeatedly reject or even make fun of you and your ideas. (The best idea is to kick this kind of people completely out of your life, no matter how close you think they are).
-If you feel that nobody is ready to hear it, just keep it to yourself, write it down and start making plans what to do with it. When you have a partial success then your idea will be more easily accepted.

Most of the greatest ideas did not come from logical thinking. Albert Einstein himself, when he couldn't solve a problem, he was going to sleep and afterwords the solution was coming to him.
So did you get the message? Your best ideas are not exactly yours, they are given to you by everyone on the universe.



caveLong time ago, many thousands of years before our time, the humans were struggling for survival. Hunting, collecting fruits or even cultivating, in a hostile environment. The language, or rather the pre-language was trying to escape from the usual 5 different sounds for 5 different expressions, like danger, joy, food, sex and headache.
Having still a difficult life, even though the language was enriched with more words about sex and headache, among other things, the primitive human beings were slowly getting ahead of the animals.
Some of them though, were getting ahead of the rest of the humans too. Some of our primitive ancestors started creating tools from stones and pieces of wood, others were painting on the walls of the caves, some were "composing" music, (you know, rhythmic noises) or exploring and interpreting the sky and the position of the stars.
Do you think they had an easy life? I believe everyone else was looking at them the way we look at some crazy person today. "We are trying to survive here, trying to get food, escaping from wild animals, raising our kids and you are making.... art and science?"

Nevertheless, those tools and art were used as the human were getting more civilized. Actually it's because of these tools and art that civilization started.

Later, when civilization was somehow established some people were telling things in a different way, sometimes even against the gods, the leaders or the traditions. Others were creating machines, philosophical theories, explaining the laws of nature in different ways or making new kinds of paintings music or generally art.

Of course, they had no easy life. Mocking, isolation, jail or even death were the penalties for their innovation.

The funny thing is that the people who were trying to stop the progress and the alternative way of thinking were using the tools that put our primitive ancestors in trouble, like astrology, music or inventions.

davinciGreat science, incredible art, original ideas, philosophy, all these things we are enjoying today were invented with the personal danger, or suffer, of the creators.

But even today if you look around, there are many people who don't live in the box but give new meanings to the world, creating new ideas, working for freedom and happiness or just inventing new technology, interesting art and again with the danger of isolation, prison or, in some cases, death.

These people are the highly sensitive people. Some are genius, some are persistent, some are just listening to their intuition and/or inspiration, the highly sensitive people were, are and will always be the engines that make the world move forward.

Are they special? To my opinion no! Do they have more value? Of course not. But they are the 10-20% of the people, and they make the world a better place. Or rather a more interesting one. And the fact that they are 10-20% is also a blessing, imagine 100% of the people artists, scientists, innovators, explorers of the world and the mind, our planet would explode every 100 years, and we would start every time from the beginning. That's why nobody and everybody is special. If we think about the humanity, each one of us is just in the right position playing the right role.

Of course not all the highly sensitive people are making the world move forward. Some, or rather most of the sensitive people are staying behind, closed in themselves, develop neuroses and trying to avoid the world. Others go to the other side, instead of offering the power of their sensitivity for a better world they destroy and kill. (Adolf was one of them).
But if you observe and analyze those cases you will see a lot of abuse and rejection behind. Destruction is not the natural status of the sensitive people.

This phenomenon can be used it as an indicator of the development of the world's consciousness. The more abused and "twisted" HSP are there, the more the world is not ready for big opening towards consciousness. Maybe we need still 2-3 millennia of development.



thoughts1In many cases you hear people talk about routine and how boring or bad it is or how it's killing the enthusiasm.
Sensitive people feel really trapped if they have to be in a routine, especially doing or living things that they don't like, or they are not interested to.

Most of the times though, Sensitive people create their own routines. It seems strange that people born explorers, adventurers, artists and inventors, people with strange and unique ideas have to create routines and sometimes be furious if someone breaks them.

The explanation is simple.
People with natural tendency to exploration and to creative daydreaming cannot stop all the time and think how to do every day stuff.

For example, if you are a Sensitive person and you are driving, there is no chance that you will start thinking what movements to do in order for the car to move. All these movements, about the pedals, the wheel, the gears, are set to auto pilot. You only take care of the direction and the signs, and this only if you don't know the area.
Of course, it will take some time until this autopilot is fully functional and in the beginning, when you are a new driver, you will have to think and program every movement, but this only for a short time.

So most of every day life is something that a Sensitive person doesn't take care of. It is just happening and in many cases you cannot even remember when did it happen.

Another thing is putting order to the personal world, you know, desk, drawers, tool cases etc. Sensitive people don't need this order because every position of every thing is stored in a map in the mind, so if you go and make order without them you just confuse them more.

The reason for putting the “boring” parts of life to auto pilot is because there are more important things to take care of.
Intuition, inspiration, creative ideas, business or personal growth, sometimes writing, inventing, directing, running the country or the world, all these things are happening while the body is just automatically functioning. And all these things sometimes can change the world and make it more interesting, millions of examples in the past.

So if people ask you why don't you pay attention and sometimes you seem to be lost in space, just explain to them that for a Sensitive person enjoying the way and imagining the destination is more important than thinking what button to press next.



emotional1Many people are confusing the terms “sensitivity” and “emotional hypersensitivity”. They think that being under the permanent influence of emotions means they are sensitive.

In reality the term “Highly Sensitive Person” or HSP means a person with highly tuned nervous system, all the senses work more intensively and with higher precision. And this is not all, sensitive persons have a greater feeling of the emotions from the surrounding people, empathy and holistic sense of the world.

Sensitive persons have an intensive desire for peace and tranquility, but the way our world functions can lead them to the opposite, hatred and destruction.

The people who are constantly under the influence of emotions are, in fact, addicted to these emotions. Either they are sensitive people or not, they need help as everyone who is addicted to a substance. And if the sensitive persons manage to escape from this addiction will be able to discover what a wonderful gift their sensitivity is.

So if up to now your sensitivity was nothing but trouble, maybe it's time to give it space to develop instead of fighting it as an enemy. And if up to now your sensitivity was never accepted by other people around you, this doesn't mean that you have to reject it yourself. To reject your nature is like rejecting the air that you breathe.

Sensitivity never tries to make you be what you are not, this is what the world around you does, your belief systems, prejudices and many traditions. Your sensitivity always reminds you who you really are, telling you always the truth. Maybe it's time to learn how to listen to it.



fireguy2This is something only highly sensitive people will understand and not all of them.
Inner fire is the main ingredient of an HSP, the passion for life; the meaning of life itself is this fire.
The reason that not all the sensitive people will understand this is because many HSP learned to protect themselves and play roles in order to survive. This is not conscious; it’s happening automatically and depends on the childhood experiences. Yes these again!

While for “normal” people life is simple; planning, acting, reacting, avoiding, a series of things based on Newtonian laws about cause and effect, everything has an explanation and it is always the simplest and most obvious one, for sensitive people the Newtonian laws are not that valid. There is not always a reason for doing something, and if there is it cannot be explained. Intuition, inspiration, seeking for joy, getting excited for what is different and more interesting, going for the real thing and not for the obvious these are the motivations.
This is the flame and it’s really burning.

Now what happens is that many sensitive people get involved with the “normal” ones, either in business or in life.
A business partner who looks at things the mechanistic way will never understand your fire. Will never understand how is it possible to have the intuition as motivation. Will never support your irrational way of thinking and your crazy ideas.
You from your side will never understand how is it possible people to see life in such a boring and meaningless way.

Same thing happens in a life relationship. Friends or lovers, even more, life partners, will have the best excuses to make you feel stupid for your choices, for your needs, for your ideas. Unfortunately it’s quite common.
You have a fire that leads to the ultimate joy if it’s honored and to the ultimate pain if it’s ignored or rejected. Doesn’t need to be explained and proved.

Many sensitives think that they are not ok, and they have to change themselves in order to fit, but this is not the point. You don’t have to put out the fire just because they can’t take it.

My advice, be yourself, honor your flame. And if you see that people around you don’t honor it, don’t even accept it no matter how hard you try, find other people. It’s that simple.



wildSometime, either we are sensitives or not, we discover that we had different dreams about our life, completely different from the life we live now, abilities we never used, wisdom we had to suppress, values we forced to reject, a wonderful life we never lived up to now.

We see the lost years in front of our eyes.
After the first shock and the realization what life is about, there is a period of changes. We try to live our real life, fight with the negative elements (beliefs, patterns, programs etc.) and we stay very busy and very excited with all these wonderful things we discover. It’s not easy; the process is long and painful sometimes. Some of us ask for help (I both ask and offer).
The next part is even more difficult. Because the moment we relax from the aftershocks of our realization we get angry; very angry.
We start hating all these people who brought us into this condition, starting from ourselves and going to parents, teachers, friends and everyone who had an influence on our life.
This is the biggest trap. This is the moment when we stop moving towards our dreams and our passion; we freeze and start searching who is guilty and who needs to be punished.
But we only punish ourselves.
By staying into the hate and the guilt we do to us exactly what “they did to us” before. We lose the track to our dream life again.
What we need is to forgive, and this is the only way to move forward.
And actually this is easy. Just sit down, relax and think all the benefits you had from living outside of your dream. The skill you developed, the strengths you gained, the understanding about life and yourself you got.
Just think that everything happened for a reason and move on.
Esther Hicks gave us the perfect analogy. Live your life like having a GPS guiding you. The only information it needs is to find out where you are and you to say where you want to go. GPS will never make you feel guilty because you are there, will never make you feel bad or stupid because you took the wrong direction, will never be angry because you didn’t turn it on yesterday.
Just open your eyes, see where you are, and say with loud voice where you want to go.

lizard3I want to talk about the people who know everything, who have all the answers ready from their childhood who judge and condemn without a second thought.
For the highly sensitive people they can become a serious problem, especially in small age when the sensitives are still exploring the world, everything is open and possible, and they create the opportunity to see life from many different points of view.

On human level the ones who know everything, don't just “know” how to live themselves, but they decide, judge and reject everyone who is seeking for answers.

If a sensitive child has this kind of persons around, people who developed an ironic and sarcastic attitude according to their “ready-made absolute knowledge”, is going to be in trouble having a low self-esteem. And if these persons are members of this child's closed circle then life will be really hard.

During my teen years when I didn't have any answer ready and everything was open, I was admiring the ones who had everything easy. I thought then that arrogance and irony was just a natural thing since they knew everything (right the opposite to me). I thought that they were privileged, smart, cool and always the soul of the parties.
Now I see that things are different. Most of them today are just survivors. The rebels settled, the smart ones became victims, the cool developed phobias, and their relationships are bad or non existing.

If you have suffered in the past because of your sensitivity and nobody gave you the right to see the answers in life forcing you to accept the lizard's instinct that we all carry inside us, maybe now it's time to give this right to yourself.

I assure you that:

  • It's absolutely alright to have questions and to want to answer them through your experience,
  • You can grow slowly and until you grow you have the right to be immature in many fields,
  • You can ignore anyone who thinks that you're small just because his lizard mind gave him the answers and not his experience and his wisdom,
  • Everyone who has offered something valuable to this world (or any other world) is sensitive. These people never had ready answers, but they found them by being open to life. And if their answers have given a lot of value, the right to be open and seek for them has offered much more.



fear1I’m afraid it’s not. This is what most people are suffering from. I know, it sounds absurd but it’s the most common reality in this world.
How does it appear?
You can see it on many people, or even on yourself:

  • - As self-sabotage, when things seem to go right you will just do the “right” movements for ruining everything,
  • - Burning the bridges that can connect you to the people who can help and build stronger connections to the ones that will keep you down on the ground,
  • - Procrastinating and avoiding everything that can give you results, no matter how pleasant or easy these actions can be,
  • - Keeping yourself busy with unimportant activities,
  • - Judging and rejecting ideas and thoughts that can have a positive influence in your life, usually with the excuse that they are not cool enough,
  • - Starting always from the beginning, like inventing the wheel every single time,
  • - Trying the same things again and again, even if you saw for thousands of times that they fail.

Now where is this fear coming from?

Most of it comes from the need for security and approval.

Of course, you can ask me, isn’t success the best way to be secure and approved?

Not for the mind, not for the programs running in the back of the brain.

You see the experience for a child is that if you succeed, let’s say in the school, you are special, therefore not like the others, therefore alone.

If you prove smarter than your parents they will be scared, and they will leave you alone.

If you go high there is nobody there, and in most of the cases this is true about the people of your environment.

Mind is powerful, more powerful than anything else in this universe. So, if you really want to succeed don’t underestimate its power. Take it on your side.

No matter what people say that you need to work hard in order to succeed this is not the truth. The only way to success is to understand your thoughts, to read your mind, to recognize your hidden purpose, the one that gives you the fear and the guilt for every nice thing you achieve.

The only way to success is to open your eyes and see what is out there, but first you need to learn how to look!



ignoringA relationship is supposed to be alive. It’s not a solid foundation that you built and it will stay there forever, you need to participate and nourish it.
Many people think that by ignoring their partner they show their power and their freedom. In reality, they refuse to see the truth.
Ignoring your partner it’s like closing your eyes, and when you close your eyes anything can happen.

The truth is that nobody belongs to you and you belong to nobody. Everyone is free to stay or to go, and attitudes like, demands, jealousy, abuse or ignoring are not offering anything to the relationship, in fact the opposite, they take away whatever has being built.

Taking someone for granted means that you don’t respect them, you don’t need them, and you don’t want to offer anything to them. Actually means that this relationship has no meaning for you.

Don’t be surprised then if one day this person will not be there for you anymore, and don’t start asking “what did I do wrong?” or “why did he/she do that to me?”

The only way to treat your partner is the way you would like to be treated. Also the way you treat yourself. Honesty and attention are basic ingredients of a healthy relationship.



desperationThis is especially for sensitives.
Do you think that everyone around you is a potential threat? Do you observe that they never offer you what you want or need in your life? Do you allow your thoughts and emotions to be dominated by the fear, the negativity, and ultimately the hate against people who never take care of you and they just want to abuse you?

Well let’s reverse the question. What are you offering?
What are the excellence and the greatness that you offer to the world, that you offer to the surrounding people (when you don’t defend yourself from what’s threatening you)?

Dear sensitive, the fear that you feel and the anger about the people who don’t respect you or who are against you, keeps you busy from fulfilling your life dreams and purpose.
Sensitive people have so much to offer.

The problem is that because of all these things that you have been told, especially as child, all these words that told you who you are and you believed them made you think that you are worthless.

If you were worthless you wouldn’t have been here.

All this “knowledge” about what and who you are needs to be removed. Start by not believing a word from what they tell you, they have told you and what you keep telling yourself.
The options are:
1) You will remain a poor victim of other people all your life.
2) You will come out with all your strength and your value and lighten up the world.

They are both possible, which one do you prefer?




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