head in sandThere are two ways to deal with your sensitivity. The one is to see it as a gift, to develop it and learn how to use it for living; the other is to use it as an excuse for hiding.

I see many people legalizing procrastination using sensitivity as an excuse.
To make things clear, my job is to help people who want to move forward.
I'm not working on your “problems”, that means I coach you WHILE YOU ARE LIVING and not by stopping life to talk about it.
I'm not going to legalize your whining I will support you to drop it.
I'm not going to accept that you are a victim, even if you have all the proofs in the world that you are.
I'm not going to help you feel good about your suffering. No way!

You have the right to NOT suffer, to NOT be afraid of life, to NOT protect yourself from joy.
I know that positive thinking is against these expressions, but sometimes it’s good to shout about the negativities we want to get rid of.
So if you want me to help you move towards happiness and worthy living (does this sound positive enough?), before starting with me you have to be sure that:
1)    You are free to decide about your life and your destiny,
2)    You are nobody’s victim,
3)    You are responsible for your life, and ready to make it better,
4)    Your sensitivity is your strength and you are ready to learn how to use it for yourself, and the people you want to serve.
Sometimes our life experience is full of “knowledge” about who we are and what is our value. Good coaching helps to get rid of these ideas of the past and reset the mind from all the programs and patterns coming from them. This is exactly the meaning of moving forward.




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