model2Many people fall into the trap to take all the gifts of life as granted, and when they start losing them they lose the ground under their feet.

Beauty, wealth, health, luck, power, sensitivity, all these are just gifts that may come or may not.
They don't make you better person, and if you are missing them you are not a worse person.
If you think that these gifts will last forever you may base your happiness and high self-esteem more on the existence of these gifts and less on your right to be just the way they are.
The arrogance that comes from having these gifts appears because you think that they will last forever and also that by having them you are better persons. The result is that you hurt people around you by showing superiority to the others and by becoming snob or even hostile.

Often identification to these gifts leads you to false or even dangerous choices in your life.
All these gifts are external sources of “happiness” and they may disappear at any moment. Some of them, like beauty and health, will certainly go away slowly with age.
Identifying with them is like building on the sand.

It’s ok to enjoy these gifts. After all this is why they are gifts. Have fun with them, enjoy the benefits, share them with the surrounding people, especially with the ones you love.
But don’t identify with them.

What you really are, is much better and much more stable than these temporary gifts.


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