holding handsMany people wonder why they don’t manage to be in a successful and happy relationship–marriage. They try again and again but the results are more or less the same.

On the other hand they see friends being much happier, much more relaxed and, the most important, very much accepted, respected and loved by their partners without any effort.
There are many traps that lead to the same old patterns and same old results. They are hidden well in the unconscious way of living and thinking. I am talking about the automatic reactions of a programmed mind, and we all have programs running in our mind.
These roadblocks are common attitudes, that stop you on your way to a happy, fulfilling and meaningful relationship.
Some of these roadblocks are not just sabotaging a romantic relationship but also making life difficult in general.

Sensitive people who were not fully accepted as children because of their sensitivity are more likely to have a few of these roadblocks in front of them, and since they need more to be loved and accepted they are in very difficult position.
The most important about these roadblocks, obstacles or however you call them is that they are invisible, at least from your eyes. You need someone to show them to you, but if these roadblocks are in your way you will not allow anyone to tell you about them. You even think that they are parts of your real personality. They are not! This is just an ego trap.
If however you are searching for a solution to your relationships or landed to this article accidentally (do you believe in accidents? I don’t) maybe it’s a good idea to explore these roadblocks and see if some of them are in your way to happy relationship.
The secret is that if we see them we can easily remove them!


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