Many self-growth techniques, and especially the Sedona Method, ask clients to let go of wanting to achieve goals or wanting to succeed. Of course if you are not familiar with self-growth this request can give you great confusion.


Letting go and giving up are two completely different things.

Giving up means that you really want something and you kill this desire. The usual reason for this is disappointment or negativity. If you have a dream and everyone around you tells you that it is either silly or impossible, even if you don’t believe them, your subconscious mind will sabotage your dream, if you don’t give it up completely.


If you give up all the time, the reason is low self-esteem that comes from constant negativity and abuse (usually verbal).


So, giving up is quitting, hiding from reality, escaping from something good, falling to the comfort of pain and fear, (yes there is such thing).

Letting go on the other hand has nothing to do with the goal itself. You don’t have to quit going for it, you don’t have to abandon your desires.

Often when you want something you enter a debate between thoughts emotions and beliefs. The emotion of desire about this goal fights with the thought that it is difficult and the belief that maybe you don’t deserve to achieve this goal. The result is that something that could start as a wonderful motivation to make your life, your business or even the whole world better, becomes trouble and inner battle producing more unpleasant emotions and more fights between wants and beliefs.

Letting go means disidentify from the need of your goal. Letting go means releasing the goal from all the weight that it doesn’t belong to it, releasing the meaning that this goal has for your life or for the continuity of the universe ;-).

Letting go of the outcome gives you the right to achieve the goal without feeling guilty if it doesn’t happen.

Letting go is inner process that makes your steps lighter and your action easier. It dedramatises the goal and the actions towards it.

Can you imagine living, acting and succeeding painlessly and effortlessly?




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