eagle1Facing yourself is probably the most difficult part of gaining freedom. To say it in simple words, not everyone is ready to be free.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that not everyone deserves to be free, the opposite. Not only do we all deserve to be free but it’s also our obligation (metaphorically) because by setting yourself free you can pass on the message to next generations, by becoming the example, the role model.

What I want to say is that getting out of prison or getting rid of a tyrant does not mean automatically freedom. Inner slavery is more powerful and more painful. At the same time just like the external, inner slavery includes a comfort, in the form of addiction to pain and fear.

Freedom is independent of external conditions. You can be in prison and be a free bird inside yourself (remember Gandhi) or have the ability to move freely and be slave of yourself and your programs, patterns, and beliefs (just like another 6.5 billion people)
What is hard is not so much breaking the ice, getting out of the comfort of slavery, it’s staying out of it. You can take great decisions when you are excited but afterwards, when the suppressed emotions come up things get tough.
This is exactly my job, which I wouldn’t change for anything in the world, because I really love it. What I do as coach is to remind you constantly of the valuable distance you already have covered in order to be where you are (especially when desperation is present because of inner and outer difficulties), to suggest the easiest and painless way to get out of disappointment (I have great tools in my tool case) and to remind you of your greatness and the benefits of reaching your goal. No matter what the goal is, it always leads to more freedom.
If you decided to go for your freedom you have to be ready for difficulties and roadblocks. You must have made the decision that you REALLY want to move on; or else you might take a few steps forward and then fall back. You will feel that you lost something very important in your life. And it will be true.
Many people ask me if it’s possible to reach freedom by themselves, without help and support. Yes you can get out of your shell, the difficult part is to stay out and not to come back if you don’t have a voice that reminds you who you really are and what is your goal. And this is true for everyone, even me, the reminding voice for my clients, need someone to keep me accountable when challenges show up.
The truth is that no matter how many difficulties your journey may include, it is really worth taking it. And all the things that you will sacrifice and leave behind… well they are not real anyway.


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