miracleMiracles have no level of difficulty, and they are all the same. The level that we experience now comes from the mind and our belief system.

What is miracle?

Miracle is the freedom to form what we call reality, the freedom to change, adjust or play with it. It’s the quantum reality.

Material reality is just a bunch of potentialities and not a solid construction, as it seems to be. The reason that it seems to be hard and solid is because we all have in mind this form of things in a tradition of thousands of years. If each one of us manages to release this strict form of things in his/her mind, things would immediately be different.

Also the collective belief system, which seems to be powerful in the level of form, can create patterns and shapes that seem to be very solid and unchangeable. They are not!

The fact is, and this we have seen a lot of times, that reality is not actually solid. A decision, a change in the way we see things, a shift of perception, a thought or a feeling can change the whole pattern. It can change the events happening in this reality.

So if you want to perform miracles in order to control the world you’re in the wrong place. Miracle is something you can be, not something you can force happening.


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